4 Must See Videos about Cloud Service Brokerage

Explaining the “basics” of the cloud and cloud service brokerage.

Trained by the daily development and use of cloud services and tools, you can hardly forget the basics of the cloud. However, sometimes you need to fresh up the “basics” around questions such as how cloud could integrate with your current business solutions or which role your IT department should have?… >> Read more

Why can an Intercloud not only be based on OpenStack?

Two approaches for creating an independent cloud landscape.

The main thing all enterprises fear when it comes to cloud computing is “lock-in”. This is often interpreted as a “technological lock-in”, but in my opinion that’s a dangerous way to go about it. I believe using a specific technology isn’t a problem at all, as long as you can get the same technology somewhere else too.… >> Read more

How to Avoid Cloud Islands

Rethinking the cloud to avoid new islands in your IT Organization.

In my recent post: “Why Amazon Will Never Rule The Cloud”, I discussed the enterprise’ challenge of realizing the integration and interoperability across all major public cloud vendors into one standardized organic corporate cloud. This, to accommodate all enterprise applications –and international requirements and to avoid cloud islands.… >> Read more

Why Amazon Will Never Rule The Cloud

The Intercloud; an Enterprise Solution.

This year 30% of the global 1000 companies will broker cloud services. Those enterprises have a broad application landscape and international locations, which require brokering of multiple clouds. However, multiple clouds mean IT silo’s which are isolated, resulting in sub optimization, inefficiency, overhead, complex technology integrations and ultimately high cost.… >> Read more

The 5 Best Cloud Infographics of 2013

Seriously great cloud infographics in 2013.

In July, I rounded up the best cloud infographics so far in 2013. Now, it’s time to have a look at all my favorites of this year. Here are the best cloud infographics of 2013, summarising and visualising the real impact of the cloud.

1) Cloud Computing Growth from BCG Systems.… >> Read more

Top 9 Cloud Influencers on Twitter

Top influencers that need a follow

Who should you follow to learn the most about cloud computing?
To reveil and understand more about “the cloud”, we need to know the views, the trends, the action from the experts. I have compiled a list of the top 9 Cloud Influencers on Twitter.… >> Read more

How to scale: a seven-bullet checklist

The ultimate checklist for scalability in the cloud.

Scaling is a necessity when your application or auxiliary components become saturated and get to handle more throughput than it can process. To scale or not to scale is therefore a question that we receive on an almost daily basis.

Scaling: A Recap

This post will give you a checklist you can use to determine what kind of scaling to use, and how….… >> Read more

The 5 Best Cloud Infographics of 2013 [so far]

Seriously great 2013 Cloud Infographics.

Cloud computing has definetely taken 2013 by storm. The real numbers of the cloud, its trends and impact, are hard to oversee. In this post I rounded up the best of cloud infographis to summarise it all, and give some insights in today’s cloud trends. Take a look at my favorite cloud infographics so far in 2013.… >> Read more